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The ONE HEART Foundation

The ONE HEART Foundation was established with the goal of improving the quality of life for all animals and raising the ethical, social, and legislative standards of animal treatment. The key principles of the fund stem from the belief that humans and animals share common emotions, such as pain and fear, and that improving the living conditions of animals also contributes to a better life for humans.

The main focus of the fund includes: 

  • Supporting investigations and studies on the quality of life and rights of animals, educating and informing society. 
  • Supporting educational and awareness campaigns in the area of ethical treatment of animals. - Supporting projects that disseminate information about the life and rights of animals and encourage public debate on this issue. 
  • Pressuring for a change in society's approach to animals and legally binding measures against mistreatment of animals. 
  • Financial support for organizations, individuals, and projects that directly help animals. 
  • The fund also strives for legislative changes at the level of the Czech Republic and the EU to improve animal protection in line with the latest scientific knowledge in ethology and welfare.


The goal is also to support cooperation between various organizations and experts in the field of animal protection, creating a platform for communication and collaboration. 

The ONE HEART Foundation was established in February 2023 by writer and journalist Adéla Knapová and other significant personalities from various fields. The fund aims to contribute to the improvement of the global ecological crisis through enhancing the living conditions of animals and promoting more sustainable agricultural practices. 

And we, as FirstGreen Industries, strongly resonate with the idea of improving the global and ecological situation, which is a fundamental motivation for our decision to support the ONE HEART Foundation. 

Our company has long focused on sustainability and minimizing ecological impact, which naturally leads us to support initiatives that share the same values and goals. By supporting the ONE HEART Foundation, we want to show that our commitments to ecology and sustainability extend beyond the production of environmentally friendly machinery. We aim to actively contribute to improving the living conditions of animals and support efforts for legislative and social changes in this area. 

We believe that our support will lead to broader public discussion and increased awareness of the importance of ethical treatment of animals and sustainability in agriculture. 

This collaboration also reflects our long-term interest in supporting projects that have a positive impact on the global ecosystem and contribute to a more sustainable future. At FirstGreen Industries, we firmly believe that collaboration between industrial entities and non-profit organizations is key to achieving these goals. Supporting the ONE HEART Foundation is a natural expression of our corporate values and vision for sustainable development.

Similarly, as a company, we actively support ESG principles because we firmly believe in the importance of sustainable development, ethical behavior, and social responsibility in business. Our commitments in the areas of environmental protection, social standards, and corporate governance are key to our corporate strategy and reflect our effort to make a positive impact on society and the planet.